Heat & Reheat...blah, blah, blah

This morning was peaceful. I awoke to my husband attending the kids before he headed out to work. He bought me an extra precious hour of rest- thank you Mike! I spent an hour and a half chatting with my dear friend Kelsey. She was supposed to be visiting this week but is taking care of her grandmother who has been having serious health problems. I am glad Kelsey is choosing to serve but must confess my disappointment that I don't get to have her around. She's a joy to be with.

Anyway, about this morning. I was on the phone with Kelsey and managed to make myself a cup of tea. This tea, this one cup, has been heated and reheated throughout the day. I start doing dishes and it gets cold so I reheat. I am reading Libby from her favorite children's Bible, reheat again. I get Samuel up and feed him... reheat. Oh this poor cup of tea that longed to be drunk in one sitting has faced multiple rooms and tasks and the microwave again and again. But why you might ask do I relish this? I have been without a microwave for a while and just got it from VA to PA. It is a luxury to be able heat and reheat.

So while still on the phone with Kelsey Libby informs me that Samuel is "standing up". I go casually to check out the scene. Samuel is up in the window sill! He managed to climb up into the wagon onto Libby's eating chair and put himself on the window sill ledge... it's a wide ledge because it covers the radiator... but still! What a monkey!

In recounting the story to Mike he tells me about when he was a child of 4 and the frisbee went on the roof and he went up and got it....Oh my goodness... He's doing it now as I type! Samuel climbed on a box, to get onto a chair, to get on the table! I'm going to have to watch him! He's acting like his father! Did I mention Mike had a broken arm as a young child.... scary!

Well, also while I was talking to Kelsey I learned a new habit of mine... well, it's actually an old habit but it's something I wasn't aware of saying so much. Libby took the phone to talk to Kelsey and in a manner of minutes had tried to describe the past month to her barely stopping for breath... and then she said it, "blah, blah, blah" I had to laugh... I do say that. I just didn't realized how often. Oops.

I had to cancel with my OBGYN this morning. the brakes in the car were having some kind of trouble. We got home safely but Mike didn't want to risk me going out... not to mention I could have gotten trapped in a car with two toddlers and no other way to get home if the brakes acted up... that would be scary too! So the car is in the shop... hopefully it will come back soon so we can get groceries. I really should take a picture of my fridge... other than condiments it has some eggs, cheese, and well, that's about it! Maybe we'll go for a family walk and get some groceries later... when Mike's home to help me.

Our neighbor came over with a beautiful snowman mug and in the mug is a blooming paper white (narcissus bulb)... these are my favorite bulbs. I mean yes, I love tulips for my sister's sake but paper whites are my personal favorite. They're lovely to watch bloom.

Samuel and Libby did great on the trip home yesterday and traffic was a breeze. What a blessing. We got in around 9:30 and then proceeded to put the kids to bed and unpack a little. The house is covered in bags of clean clothes and Christmas presents. I've been practicing resting which is my latest assignment from Mike. It's been great, except the house looks, um, trashed a bit. The problem is when you have small children just because I leave things a certain way doesn't mean they stay that way. So when I do nothing things get worse... because the kids do a LOT... it's just not very helpful! I am amazed at how much I need to clean up already... well, the joy of training kids.

Well, everyone is fed and dressed. I know what I'm making for dinner. Thai curry chicken and cous-cous. Oh, and I will probably get to see Kels afterall. She's in Fairfax with her grandparents and we plan to drive down on Saturday to visit her and to see our friend Bob & Suzy's new baby if they're around. It's looking like a busy season for us.... a lot of trips and traveling. We hope to go down at the end of the month and bring a lot of excess stuff to VA. And in Feb. Mike and I will be going to marriage retreat over Valentine's Day week-end! I am pumped! The retreat is in Williamsburg and I look forward to some down time with him... it will probably be the last "away" time before the twins come.

Well, Samuel is pulling out all the Bounce dryer sheets, one-by-one. I better go hop to it. Just a filler on my day, and well, you know, blah, blah, blah. Did I mention I just finished my tea?


Michelle said…
I love reading your posts. I feel as if I'm having a conversation with you.

Last night Jeff and I picked up the phone to invite you and Mike over... then remembered you don't live here -- yet?? Any decisions?

Catherine said…
Cute post, Jenn. It's fun to hear about your little "happenings" throughout your day.

I love the "blah blah blah" thing - kids say the darndest things... :)

Merry Christmas and Happy NY btw!


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