No exercise for you!

The verdict is in. The doctor said no, absolutely no exercise. Not even light walking for 20 minutes or pre-natal pilates. It was one of those questions I wanted to ask about. So I did. Which is good. I just thought I would have a little longer to exercise. Earlier I thought it was somewhat I'm not so sure!

I am EXHAUSTED like all of a sudden every bit of energy has been evaropated from my body. I just want to lay in bed and have someone take care of me, and um, I'm only 18 weeks pregnant. In this moment I am tempted to fear and wonder how the heck am I going to make it... right now I can't look at next month or even next week or even tomorrow... I'm literally thinking okay, I cna make it through this moment. And in less than 45 minutes Mike should be home- Praise Jesus. I think my pregnancy has all of a sudden hit me with renewed force- the twins must be on a growth spurt or something...I am nauseous and weak and BLAH. I don't think I could get the kids out of the house right now if our lives depended on it... okay maybe then.

My friend Sonya had to literally drive me and the kids home today. She watched the kids for me while I was at the OBGYN and when I got back, I couldn't even drive! Is this normal? Is this because I forgot to take my pre-natals today or am I just in a whole new level of pregnant phase.

It's a work-out just for me to get up the stairs by myself... add two kids and a diaper bag and I feel like I am in a triathalon.

I better go, Libby is freaking out and Samuel is instigating trouble. I hope to God I'm in bed soon. When did being pregnant get so hard?


Michelle said…
It was good chatting with you today for the few short minutes we got. I love you and am excited. I've no idea what you are going through - I just wanted to say that. How often do you hear "I know you mean" or "I've been there" or some other similar phrase. Well, I've absolutely NO idea what it's like to be pregnant with twins, have two small children, be told not to exercise (isn't taking care of your existing children exercise?) and be too tired to drive myself home. None. I love and admire you friend.
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, all I can say is I'm praying for you.

And, that you gave me a bit of a reality check, which I needed since my emotions have been so crazy lately. Yes, my pregnancy is hard because I've felt sick and been tired and have two kids to chase after, but it's been much easier than what you're describing and going through. Hang in there. Love you!

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