He lights my fire...

this morning was a bit more eventful than I expected. We woke up (normal) and were enjoying the day. We decided to skip the earlier church service and go to the later one... so I went back to bed. Samuel and I were both napping when all of a sudden in my dream I hear this weird noise. But it's part of the dream... and then I realize, no, this is a real sound. I woke up and the alarm is going off and the lights are flashing.

My darling husband was making breakfast for me. Instead of the griddle he was using the pan to make "eggs in the nest" and things got a little smoky. Thankfully I had enough time to throw on clothes and gather the kids to me BEFORE the firemen showed up. UP they came, several of them. They opened a couple more windows and I talked with them and explained what had happened. Libby was really excited about the fire-men. she was all dressed up in a princess costume and they were really sweet and kind to her. I was very thankful that Libby had a field trip earlier this year and so knew not to be frightened of firemen. Samuel wanted to hold the ax of one of the fire-men so he helped Samuel "hold" it.

Needless to say I told Mike to take me out to breakfast instead of trying to make it himself. And just so you know he usually makes a mean "egg in the nest".

Man, he knows how to light my fire... :)


Michelle said…
haha. too funny.
Anonymous said…
Samuel could do some serious damage with that axe....Oh my.......what next?? Dad and I will be in CLT tomorrow night. Having dinner with the Butlers.

lOve you all.....stay safe.

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