How to have the perfect bath.

1.) Epsom Salts

2.) Aveeno stress relief foaming bath

3.) Candles

4.) Music

5.) Pumice Stone and Nail Brush

6.) Sleeping Children

7.) A good book.

8.) Chocolate.

Baths have been one of the true comforts this pregnancy. there is nothing like submerging in the bubbles and reading a good book till I feel drowsy. Such a calming thing. I love the Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath product. It has lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. So relaxing.

Lately though, I haven't been very relaxed. I've been tired and cranky and chasing toddlers and saying the word "NO" at least a hundred times a day. Samuel is climbing on top of everything. I have to watch him like a hawk. He's napping at the moment so I think I might attempt a nap myself if Libby will let me.


Ashleigh said…
Baths. Sigh. Yes, they are wonderful! Especially for us tired, cranky, always on the go pregnant women. :-)

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